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Mystical landscape

Welcome to this new website! I started this blog & community out of a personal hobby, and I am very happy to welcome you. We don’t really have many users yet, but that is your chance to become one of our founding members 🙂

You may find that not everything on this website is working perfectly yet, but feel free to register an account, look around and try it out.

I look forward to having you as a new member! If you want to give feedback or have questions, you can reach me at #mystictrails via the community messaging system or by email at alex@mystictrails.net.

Greetings and Happy Exploring,
Alex from Mystic Trails

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Your Mystic Spot Here?

Want to write about your favorite place? I’m happy to publish community members’ content in the Blog. Just send a private message to mystictrails, or contact me by email at alex@mystictrails.net and we can discuss your ideas.


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