The Stone Mounds Of Maulbronn – A Megalithic Legacy?

Maulbronn is a small town in the southwest of Germany. It is famous for its monastery, a former Cistercian abbey dating back to the 12th century, which is considered the best-preserved medieval complex of its kind north of the Alps and has held UNESCO World Heritage Site status since 1993.

In the immediate vicinity, there are several large, strange-looking hills of artificial origin.

These ancient formations are referred to by mainstream archaeology as walled spoil heaps, as they are in fact usually adjacent to medieval quarries.

However, a closer look at these hills casts doubt on this theory.

The sheer mass of this supposed overburden, the peculiarly hewn adjacent rock walls, the partially buried portals and entrances, the water springs and artificially dammed lakes almost obligatory at early sanctuaries, and the proximity to an important Christian sacred building all point to a different origin…

Maulbronn region with ancient quarries and stone mounds

Documentary Movie

Documentary movie:The Stone Mounds Of Maulbronn – A Megalithic Legacy?
Maulbronn Monastery, ancient quarries and stone mounds

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