The Orgelfelsen in the Northern Black Forest

View from the summit ridge of the rock formation

Today, I embarked on a brief journey to the vicinity of Reichental, a district nestled within the village of Gernsbach in the northern Black Forest of Germany. Perched high above the valley of the river Murg, a remarkable natural monument awaits: the Orgelfelsen.

Find a video of the location at the bottom of the page.

View into the Murg valley from the Orgelfelsen

“Orgelfelsen” translates to “Organ Rock” in English. The name most likely originates from the resemblance of the granite towers to the pipes of a church organ.

Granite towers

On the steep slope of a mountain, the formation emerges from the landscape, reaching a height of 40 meters and spanning 80 meters in width. It was shaped by the combined forces of wind, water, ice, and heat. This natural occurrence is known as spheroidal weathering.

The rock formation on the steep mountain slope

At the summit of the formation, you have the option to venture further along the cliff’s edge, navigating past the strewn boulders. However, if you happen to experience acrophobia, it is strongly advised against proceeding due to the considerable height involved.

Summit of the formation

I am not knowledgeable about the historical background of the natural monument or any potential ancient spiritual significance it may hold. Nonetheless, it is a captivating location with a unique vibe.

The Orgelfelsen near Reichental
Impressions of the site

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