The Devil’s Table: A Mysterious and Captivating Natural Phenomenon

The Devil's Table.

Have you ever heard of an intriguing natural phenomenon known as the Devil’s Table? Located near the village of Hinterweidenthal, Germany, this mysterious rock formation has captivated hikers and explorers alike with its curious shape and looming presence. If a sense of mystery beckons while on your next outdoor excursion, then add Devil’s Table to your itinerary. It will offer a unique experience that is sure to captivate you!

Devil’s Table

Standing tall at 14 meters and weighing over 284 tons, the Devil’s Table is a unique rock formation resembling a gigantic table. It is made up of several thin layers of softer rock, which are more susceptible to weathering and erosion. On top of these thin layers lies harder rock zones that protect the remaining pillars from further erosion, creating tabletop-like blocks.

Standing in front of it, you can’t help but wonder how perfectly balanced it must be on its thin supports to have survived all this time undamaged and still be upright today.

Devil’s Table


Devil’s Table video

Moreover, two other captivating rock formations can be found nearby on the same ridge.

Devil’s Forge

One is the Devil’s Forge, which resembles the shape of an anvil.

The Devil's Forge. A stone formation that somehow resembles an anvil.
Devil’s Forge

Devil’s Kitchen

The other, just as imposing as its counterpart, the Devil’s Forge, is the Devil’s Kitchen. It is also standing free and all alone in the middle of the forest.

Devil's Kitchen, a bizarre free standing rock formation
Devil’s Kitchen

More Discoveries

The names Devil’s Table, Devil’s Forge and Devil’s Kitchen suggest a place of worship that may have existed there long back in the past. In the Middle Ages, under Christian influence, such kinds of pagan places have always been associated with the devil; perhaps to scare off the common people.

However, apart from some piles of stones that seem to be artificially stacked and arranged, and some obviously worked rocks, no traces can be found in this direction.

Nevertheless, it is a mysterious place that is definitely worth a visit.

Stone piles and worked stones


Interactive Map: Devil’s Table and surroundings

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