The Dahn Rock Trail

Schillerfelsen / Schiller's Rock

The Dahn Rock Trail (German: Dahner Felsenpfad) is a 12.5 km long circular hiking trail near the town of Dahn in Rhineland-Palatinate in south-west Germany. It leads past all kinds of bizarre and sometimes spectacular rock formations. I hiked part of it – about 6 km – and captured a few impressions on photo and video for you.

Places of Power

Although there are no obvious traces of prehistoric settlement or ritual significance, there do seem to be some places of power there, which likely served as sacred places for our distant ancestors.

The Palatinate Way of St. James, with which the Rock Trail shares part of its route, bears witness to this. The Way of St. James network in Europe often follows ancient trade and procession routes that our pagan ancestors walked thousands of years ago. Often, these paths take you past extraordinary landmarks and ancient sacred sites.

Places of special energies

Rocks Along the Path

Since I just covered a portion of the total distance that day, I missed some of the sights and special places. However, the following photos and the video below may offer a glimpse into the unique atmosphere, especially noticeable on days with only few visitors.

All kinds of rock formations along the way


Impressions from the Dahn Rock Trail


The approximate area of the hiking trail is marked on the map below. On the Dahn tourism website you can find a link to a PDF with the exact route and further details in German, English and French

Area of the trail

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