New MysticTrails Wiki

I am happy to let you know that I have added a wiki to the MysticTrails Blog & Community website.

The MysticTrails Mystic Spots Wiki

Just like Wikipedia, this is a collaborative project that focuses specifically on exploring the enigmatic and mystical places of power found on our planet.

It acts as a platform where spiritual travelers, mystery seekers, history enthusiasts, and others can share their knowledge and experiences of these captivating destinations.

The aim is to collaboratively create a reference book that captures the essence, history, and mystique of popular, lesser-known or entirely overlooked locations. This project welcomes individuals like yourself who are passionate about exploring the uncharted territories beyond the scope of conventional travel guides.

There are no fixed rules. Anything of interest can go in there in whatever form and things can evolve and organize over time. So feel free to join and experiment. Nothing can break and nothing is wrong or considered not professional enough. 🙂

Furthermore, the installation of the wiki itself undoubtedly requires some enhancements. These improvements will gradually materialize as time progresses, and as I have capacity.

Greetings, Alex

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Your Mystic Spot Here?

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