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Schillerfelsen / Schiller's Rock

The Dahn Rock Trail

The Dahn Rock Trail (German: Dahner Felsenpfad) is a 12.5 km long circular hiking trail near the town of Dahn in Rhineland-Palatinate in south-west Germany. It leads past all kinds of bizarre and sometimes spectacular rock formations. I hiked part of it – about 6 km – and captured a few impressions on photo and

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Sternenfels coat of arms and rock niche in an old quarry

The Forgotten Pyramid of Sternenfels

Sternenfels is the northernmost municipality in the Enzkreis district in southwest Germany. With fewer than 3,000 inhabitants, it lies in a picturesque hilly landscape and

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"Summstein" (Humming Stone)

The Cup Stone Trail of Schonach

This journey takes us to the heart of the Black Forest in Southwestern Germany, where we find ourselves surrounded by picturesque landscapes and dense forests,

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Your Mystic Spot Here?

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A gigantic stone slab near the town of Bad Teinach in the Black Forest, Germany.
It sits there all alone in the woods, almost 6 meters high.
People say that it must have once fallen down the steep slope and rammed itself exactly upright into the ground at this spot.
One might be tempted though to think that it was placed there deliberately by someone.
Further up the mountain there is another gloomy rock formation, as well as a mysterious walled hole in the ground, which is supposed to have served as a wolf`s pit in the Middle Ages.

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